Cristian Ruga: “One of my happiest moment of my experience in motorsport was when in Monza, April 2015, for the Ferrari Challenge championship, Foitek team got the fourth place.

I saw from the pit wall our car just behind the third position; unfortunately there was not the possibility to overtake the third at the end of the straight and reach the podium, but we were just few meters from it! Our driver (Nicolas Sturzinger) at its first race in the Ferrari Challenge was amazing, fast and consistent, the team did a good job, and I gave my small support!

The begin of my story starts when I saw in the internet the description of Master Race Engineer, and my idea was to look for the opportunity to follow a racing team as parallel activity of my current job in Switzerland. I attended the MTS Master on 2013/2014, and it required me a strong commitment; it was not easy to follow the MTS Master and in parallel proceed with my normal work/family activities in Zurich. On the other hand, as often: “no pain, no gain”.

The MTS Master itself was an exciting period because I had the possibility to deeply understand some main aspects of motorsport like: aerodynamic, vehicle dynamic and car data analysis. I strongly remember the enthusiasm I felt when every Friday and Saturday morning I was in the circuit of Monza, or when we got discussions about car set-up during lectures.

Eugenia Capanna (Main manager of MTS) and her teaching team gave us a nice opportunity! I would recommend the MTS Master, because it gives the technical knowledge to support a racing team, and it has a lot of links and contacts with many racing teams in several championships, but on the other hand motorsport is demanding, and it’s very hard to get an opportunity.

With the end of the course I struggle a lot to find a team, also for only few races. I was lucky, because I had the possibility to meet the team Foitek (main Ferrari dealer in Zurich), and its team manager Gian Vito Conigliaro, who gave me the chance to attend some races for the European Ferrari Challenge Championship. Some of my activities/experiences during the race week-end were: attend the driver briefing, have discussion about car set-up/tires pressure/wing angle, use my knowledge and racing tools, be present on the starting grid. They were all amazing experiences that paid me for all my efforts and studies.

For sure I have to thank Eugenia and Gian Vito for that.”