Motorsport Technical School: the idea that looks ahead

Italy too has its school for racing competition mechanics. It’s MTS – Motorsport Technical School, born from the intuition of Eugenia Capanna, a former driver and Team Manager in Motorsport.

The idea sprang to satisfy the need of the racing teams to find highly specialized professional figures.

The school’s goal is to generate training excellence that meets the demands of the competition market.

Today the school is based in the Autodrome of Monza, the temple of Formula 1 and racing.

At the end of the training courses, students – who start as young enthusiasts – are brought into the world of Motorsport as real professionals.

team di mts motorsport technical school
Studenti dei corsi MTS Motorsport Technical School

The success of the training project is demonstrated by the interest and appreciation showed by teams and companies that, with their educational interventions, increasingly give added value to the school.

It is thanks to them that students can experience situations close to a real competition and acquire ever more advanced technical skills.

During the lessons, which will take place in the classrooms and pits of the Monza ENI Circuit, authoritative representatives of Motorsport will intervene and visits to the most representative companies in the sector will be scheduled.

The course will be followed by a competitive internship season with important international teams.

There are several leading Motorsport companies that support the school with educational and specialist interventions and that believe more and more in the importance of investing in training.

The same companies provide scholarships for some of the courses, which are awarded to the most deserving students with limited financial possibilities.

MTS Motorsport Technical School also collaborates directly with official factory teams such as Yamaha Factory Racing, Ducati Corse and Porsche Carrera Cup Italia.

There is no lack of partnerships with companies that represent Italian excellence such as Brembo, Pirelli and Dino Paoli.

Moto della scuola Motosport Technical School

The school is aimed at both Motorsport students and teams who decide to invest in the training of their staff.

The courses focus on both the technical aspects and the methodological and practical characteristics of the work of race engineers and competition mechanics.

The disciplines concern the various mechanical parts of racing cars and motorbikes, but also aspects that improve performance such as the set-up, aerodynamics, electronics, etc.

Meccanico di Motosport Technical School
Ingegnere di posta di Motorsport Technical School

For those wishing to take their first steps in MTS Motorsport, in addition to the Auto Racing Mechanic and Moto Racing Mechanic courses, the school offers beginners the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course, which provides the fundamental knowledge to access further training within the school.

Therefore, the course starts from the basics of mechanics for those who have no experience in vehicle repair and it provides theoretical and practical training on both cars and motorcycles.

MTS also offers training for those who want to undertake the profession of Race Engineer with the Race Engineer Master or the Performance Engineer Course dedicated to those who want to become Telemetrists.