The MTS method


MTS School reflects the spirit behind Motorsport, which is continuous improvement.

In fact, since 2011, MTS has developed and continues to improve a training method with a strong practical orientation that makes it unique in its kind.

Indeed, the students live experiences close to the work reality that they will face after the courses, thanks to lessons that are planned to provide, on average, 65% of practice and 35% of theory. Furthermore, in different phases of the training programme, students simulate teamwork and interact with students from other courses.

Le auto di MTS School

The MTS method


The MTS School teachers are all Motorsport Professionals from Moto Gp, Formula 1, WEC, WRC, ELMS, CIV, SBK etc.

During the courses, students will learn the secrets of Motorsport directly from experts in the sector.

There are also many contributions by leading Motorsport companies such as Ducati, Yamaha Racing, Pirelli F1, Brembo, McLaren, Xtrac, Regina Chain and Total to name just a few, which bring key specialist themes to the classrooms and pits.

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The MTS method


Teamwork is essential in Motorsport to guarantee performance and achieve victory.

During the courses MTS School adopts a method of “teamwork” that allows the student to understand and improve his / her aptitude for teamwork.

In addition, the lessons include sessions in which students are put “under pressure” in order to improve their emotional management, a fundamental feature to excel in Motorsport.

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The MTS method


During the MTS courses the participant uses equipment of the highest level to repair real competition vehicles owned by the school and supplied by the partner teams and companies.

Competition cars and motorbikes are therefore actively used during training, allowing the student to acquire practical knowledge of very high technical range.

The MTS method


For the best students of each course the school guarantees a “Training on the job” with the teams, to allow to continue the training directly on the race track and further increase the technical skills.

Since 2011 MTS School has collaborated with more than one hundred teams competing in national and international championships.

Il box di MTS School

Start your motorsport career


To participate in the Racing Courses for Mechanics and Race Engineers at MTS School it is necessary to pass a selection, since all courses have limited access.

Given the high turnout, even the selections are limited, so hurry up and book your place at the next selection session to access the MTS Racing Courses and become a Race Engineer or a Racing Mechanic.

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