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Become a Track Engineer in the Motor sector and work in Formula 1: a master’s taught in English where you will learn all the secrets of working on a racing car and join the Teams working at national and international championships.

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Racing Car Engineer Master's

The Racing Car Engineer Master’s at MTS is designed to train and specialise Track Engineers in the motor sector who will then join Teams working at national and international championships. It provides theoretical classes and practical experience with racing vehicles taught by expert instructors from a variety of Motorsport sectors, such as F1, F2, F4, F4, ELMS, WEC and Formula E.

The Master’s course involves significant synergy with the Motor Racing Mechanic Course, which translates into working directly on racing cars in the pits at the Monza Racetrack, with practical sessions on special topics such as suspension, transmission and setup.

There are 5 days on the track where the primary objective will be to simulate, as much as possible, the real experience in the pits, where the Track Engineers will work on a racing car driven by a professional driver, collaborating with the Telemetry Analysts and Mechanics from the Motor Racing Mechanic Course. This way you will be able to put into practice what you have learned during the theoretical and practical classes.

At the end of the course, there will be a day at the driving simulator, a tool widely used by teams to prepare for races.

Moreover, the course involves educational visits to leading companies in the racing industry and educational visits by engineers and prominent figures from the Motorsport world. The course will take place at the Monza Racetrack and the MTS Training Centre in Lesmo.

Hands-on approach

The Master’s course has a predominantly practical approach: indeed there will be five days on the track and one day at the simulator to allow students to enjoy a real experience and be ready to face the job market knowing what being part of a team involves.

hours of training

The Master’s will be held over the weekend from Friday to Sunday, for a total of 300 hours, divided into 13 weeks from November to March. The days on the track may also take place on Thursdays.

Selection process

Since 2011, MTS has developed a refined selection method to guarantee that only people with specific technical requirements join the Master’s course. At the end of the course, this ensures that top students are able to join Teams as Track Engineers.

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Who is it intended for?

The Racing Car Engineer Master’s is intended for car racing enthusiasts who speak English fluently and have a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics: get in touch to learn about the requirements needed to pass the section process.


The instructors of the Racing Car Engineer Master’s are racing professionals working in categories such as F1, F2, F3, FE, WEC, GT3.

Weekend format

The classes take place at the Monza Racetrack and at the MTS Training Centre in Lesmo at weekends, thus offering the opportunity for those who work or study during the week to participate.

On-the-job training

The Master’s involves on-the-job training with national and international teams to learn directly in the field, with the aim of providing professionals with first-class training to meet the needs of the racing market (guaranteed for the best students).

Payment in instalments

One of the services provided by MTS is the chance to pay in instalments. The whole sum will be split into instalments.

After the Master's course

After the Master’s course, students will have the opportunity to experience on-the-job training during a racing season with top national and international teams (guaranteed for the best students): 80% of the students who attended MTS courses go on to work in the Motorsport world.


Course fees

6400 + vat

from 353,23 € over 24 months with 264.07

*in the event you fail to pass the selection process, you will be refunded €300 + VAT.


€300 + VAT (at the time of registration)


€1200 + VAT within 15 days of passing the Step 1 selection process


€1700 + VAT within 5 days of passing the Step 2 selection process


€1600 + VAT by 15 December 2023


€1600 + VAT by 15 February 2024

Course calendar

Registrations open from:​

Registrations Closed





*Educational programs are subject to change without notice

Join the next course

To join the next Racing Car Engineer Master’s course, all candidates must pass a selection test running from November 2023 at the MTS Training Centre in Lesmo, structured as follows:

    • Written test with open and closed questions on vehicle mechanics, mathematics, physics and dynamics, 
    • Oral exam with the instructors

Registrations are open up to the end of September 2022, but may close earlier if the maximum number of available places is reached.

To take part in the selection test, just send your details and you’ll receive an email with a link to the registration form and advice on how best to prepare for the selection process.

The course fee is €6400 + VAT and includes tuition by expert instructors, teaching materials, clothing consisting of jacket and sweatshirt, insurance and access to the school’s dedicated website and all the exclusive course content.


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The Racing Car Engineer Master’s is very popular, which is why it has a limited number of places: do not miss this opportunity send your application to enter the Motorsport world!

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