The MTS method

1. Continuous improvement

The Motorsport Technical School reflects the underlying spirit of Motorsport, that is continuous improvement.

Indeed, since 2011 the school has been developing and keeps on improving a training method with a highly practical approach that makes it a one-of-a-kind.

Students benefit from near-professional experiences that follow on from the course. This is made possible by a class schedule that involves on average 65% practical and 35% theory. Moreover, at different stages of their training, students simulate working in a Team by working on racing vehicles together with students from other courses.

2. Learning from professionals

All the instructors at the MTS Motorsport Technical School are established professionals from the Motorsport world with experience in Moto GP, Formula 1, WEC, WRC, ELMS, CIV and SBK, allowing students to learn the secrets of motor racing.

In addition to classroom sessions with instructors, MTS Motorsport Technical School offers presentations and discussions with professionals from leading Motorsport companies, such as Ducati Corse, Yamaha MotorRacing, Pirelli Motorsport, Brembo Racing, McLaren AppliedTechnologies, Xtrac and Regina Chain to name but a few, who introduce highly specialised topics and professional expertise into the classroom and pit.

3. Learning to work as part of a team

Teamwork is essential in motorsports to ensure high-performance levels and win.

During the courses, MTS Motorsport Technical School adopts a ‘teamwork‘ approach that allows students to understand and improve their aptitude for teamwork.

This is why some classes include sessions in which students are ‘put under pressure’ to help them better manage their emotions, a key attribute for excelling in Motorsport.

4. Taking it seriously

During the courses, students use first-class equipment to repair real racing vehicles owned by the school and provided by Teams and partner companies.


5. On the track

The best students from each course are guaranteed on-the-job training with the teams to allow them to continue their training right on the race track and further increase their technical skills.

Since 2011, MTS Motorsport Technical School has worked with more than one hundred Teams in national and international championships.

Start your career in Motorsport

To participate in MTS School’s Courses for Racing Mechanics and Track Engineers you must pass a selection process: all the courses have limited places.

Given the high number of applicants, the selection process also has limited places, so hurry and book your place for the next selection session to join the MTS Racing Courses and becomeTrack Engineer or Racing Mechanic.