Luca Mino

Rally Expert

in MTS since 2012
General Manager & Tutor

Luca Mino began his career in Motorsport in 2002 as a rally mechanic and in 2008 he became the Italian rally vice-champion with the Grifone team wearing the official Abarth colors. A few years later he held the role of telemetrist and then of machine engineer, finally becoming technical director of a top Italian team. Today he is full-time General Manager of MTS and teaches in the Auto Racing Mechanic Course and in courses for track engineers.

  • Rally
  • WRC
  • Technical Director
  • Chief Mechanic


  • General Manager at MTS
  • Controller at JAS Motorsport
  • Race Engineer at HMI Hyundai Italia
  • Race Engineer at A-Style Racing
  • Technical Director at D-Max Racing
  • Race Engineer at D-Max Racing
  • Mechanic at Team 47 Skoda Italia
  • Mechanic at Ralliart
  • Head of Machines at HF Grifone
  • Mechanic at HF Grifone
  • Technical Manager at Equipe Sport