Ivano Barletta

Mechanic with 20 years' experience

Ivano Barletta, professor of the Auto Racing course, started his career in the family workshop where he began to discover the tricks of the trade of mechanic. After years of apprenticeship and experience in various workshops he arrived in Ferrari where he started working as a motorist. Commitment and dedication brought him to be Michael Schumacher’s Team Leader in Formula 1 in 2002. His passion for the Ferrari still continues and he now works at Rossocorsa as Head of the Workshop of the historic cars department of the Ferrari reference dealer in Milan and the surrounding area.

  • Formula 1
  • Team Leader
  • GT Cars
  • Hystoric cars
  • Pit Stop
  • Engine Specialist


  • Chief Mechanic at Ferrari Rossocorsa srl dealership on Milan
  • Schumacher’s Team Leader in the Ferrari spa racing department
  • Mechanic and Motorist at Motori Moderni of Novara under engineer Carlo Chiti
  • Mechanic at Montecarlo Automobili
  • Mechanic at Barletta workshop