MTS will turn you into a Motorsport professional

The MTS method has already enabled 80% of our students to find a job in the Motorsport world, even at its highest levels.

Join the Motorsport Technical School, the first specialised training school in Italy for Motorsport Mechanics and Engineers.

With a wide range of options to suit all requirements, from the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course for those taking their first steps in the industry, to Racing MechanicEngineering and SpecialistCourses, MTS caters for Motorsport enthusiasts and teams that decide to invest in training their personnel.

Motorsport Technical School‘s team of instructors are the best professionals in the sector who have successfully worked in Formula 1Moto GPWECFormula E and the World Rally Championships.

The school also offers its best students on-the-job training after they complete their course with motor and motorbike racing teams with the aim of providing professionals with first-class training to meet the demands of the racing market.

The school has training centresin Lesmo and at the Monza Racetrack, a temple to Formula 1 and speed. Students have the opportunity to learn in the classroom and in the racetrack pits and to put into practice what professionals do every day.

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Field experience

At the end of the courses, the students of the Motorsport Technical School will be able to take part in a practical experience with top teams, as well as national and international racing teams.

At the end of their studies, 80% of MTS students find a job in the Motorsport world.

Davide Bianchin
Matteo Consonni
Federico Gerevini
Bartolomeo Babbo

From dreaming about motorsports to building a career in it

There are hundreds of students who, after training with MTS, have embarked on a career in Motorsport: in just 4 years they have managed to land a job in Moto GP and Formula 1.

Find out more about their great experience

Federico Gerevini
Davide Bianchin

Your passion, your future

Since 2011, the Motorsport Technical School has trained hundreds of technicians specialised in Motorsport who today work on racing bikes and cars, both as Track EngineersTelemetry Analysts and Racing Mechanics.

Some mechanics kicked off their Motorsport career without having any experience, starting with the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course. This prepares them for the Racing Mechanic Courses. It starts from the basics of mechanics and allows students to learn the necessary concepts to successfully tackle subsequent courses.

The same practical approach applies to the Engineering courses, which train Track Engineers and Telemetry Analysts and involves circuit test sessions on racing cars driven by professional drivers. 

Here students from the Racing Mechanic Courses and the Track Engineer Courses work together to create a real team.



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