The MTS Performance Engineer Course aims to train and specialize Telemetrists who can join the Teams competing in national and international championships, with theoretical lessons and practical activities on competition vehicles, held by expert teachers in the various disciplines of Motorsport such as F1, F2, LMS, MotoGP, SBK, etc.

The course provides important synergies with the courses for Racing Mechanics, which translate into work directly in the pits of the Monza circuit on racing cars and motorcycles, with practical lessons on specific topics such as electronics, transmission, wiring, etc.

There are 5 days on the track where the primary objective will be to simulate as much as possible the experience that you normally live in the pits, where the Telemetrists will work on a competition car driven by a professional driver, in synergy with the students of the course for Track Engineers and Auto Racing Course mechanics putting into practice what they learned during the theoretical and practical lessons.

In addition, there will be educational visits to leading companies in the racing industry and contributions in English by Telemetrists, Data Engineers, Electronics experts and leading figures in motorsport.



The Performance Engineer course has a practical approach, in fact during the training course students work independently on competition vehicles creating together with the students of the other courses a real Team.

Experiential Approach

The course has a predominantly practical approach, in fact there will be 5 days on the track to allow students to have a real experience and be ready to face the world of work, as well as interventions by leading companies in the sector.

240 hours of course

The course will take place during the weekend from Friday to Sunday for the duration of 240 hours over 10 weeks from December to March. Track days could also take place on Thursday.

Not just for engineers

The course is dedicated to mechanics, technicians and engineers who want to specialize in telemetry and electronic management of the car, but also to people who have no experience. Indeed MTS has developed a refined selection method to guarantee participation in the course only to people with specific requirements.





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Who is it for?

The Performance Engineer course is aimed at those interested in the world of car or motorcycle racing, who speak fluent English and who know the basics of mechanics, mathematics and physics. Contact us to know the requirements necessary to successfully pass the selections.


The course teachers are professionals from the world of racing who work in teams such as Porsche Team Manthey, Automobili Lamborghini, McLaren and in categories such as F1, F2, F3, FE, LMS, MotoGp, SBK, etc.

Weekend formula

The lessons of the course for Telemetrists take place at the Monza circuit during the weekend, thus offering the opportunity to participate also to those who work or study during the week.

Training on the job

The course includes a “Training on the job” at national and international teams to learn directly on the field, with the aim of generating training excellence that meets the demands of the competition market (guaranteed for the best 3 students).

Installment payment

The possibility of paying in installments is one of the services that MTS offers. The entire sum will be deferred in a number installments.

After the course

After the course the student will have the opportunity to experience a competitive season of training on the job, (guaranteed for the best 3 students) at important national and international teams. 80% of the students who participated in the MTS courses had a Motorsport experience.



To participate in the next Performance Engineer Course, all candidates must take a selection test scheduled from 2 to 6 November at the Monza racetrack, organized as follows:

  • Written test with open and closed questions on the basics of mechanics, mathematics and physics
  • Interview with the teachers

Registration is open and will end on October 12, 2020 but may close early if the maximum number of applications is reached. To participate in the selections just send your application and receive by email the link to the registration form and suggestions to better prepare for the selections.
The price is 4,600 euros + VAT and includes teaching by expert teachers, teaching materials, clothing consisting of jacket and sweatshirt, insurance and access to the reserved area of the school and to all the exclusive contents dedicated to students.



Here are some experiences from students who attended this course, discover their MTS history.

Limited places


Send your application for the next edition and receive all the information.

The Performance Engineer Course is in great demand and therefore has limited places: do not miss this opportunity send your application to enter Motorsport!

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