The training programme Motorist Course is aimed at aspiring mechanic students for the automotive sector, providing them with an overview of the theoretical and practical concepts of assembly, maintenance, repair and elaboration bases of the standard Endothermic Engines, which often require years of experience to be acquired.

During the 56-hour motorist course students will have the opportunity to work directly on an engine, which will be disassembled in all its parts and regenerated, replacing the worn parts and therefore completely overhauled. References will be made to the tuning of an internal combustion engine.

The students will be assisted by MTS teachers, expert motorists with many years of experience in the sector. The motorist course will take place at the Autodromo in Monza.



The Motorist Course has a practical and organized approach to allow all students to perform technical operations, in fact during the course the students are divided into groups and assigned to a teacher to allow to maintain a low ratio between teachers and students.

65% practice

The Motorist Course has a predominantly practical approach to allow students to have a real experience.

56 hours of course

The Motorist Course will take place during the weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

35% of theory

The Motorist Course also includes a theoretical part, important for refining the techniques and for knowing the secrets of tuning an engine.



Contact us to know in detail the content of the Motorist Course, the first step to tuning engines and increasing performance.

Make an appointment with one of our technicians to find out the content of the course.



The price of the Motorist Course is 1,800 euros + VAT, including teaching, teaching materials, school activities, workshop apron and gloves, access to the racetrack and to the reserved area of the school and insurance.

Registration is open, and the course will start when the minimum number of participants is reached.