Mechanic course


The Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course responds to the need to allow even people who have no mechanical experience to learn vehicle repair methods and then work in Motorsport.

The Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course was designed by MTS with a racing spirit and approach, and embraces both the world of cars and motorcycles for a complete training package.

A completely innovative training method with the use of cutting-edge machinery and tools: it starts from the use of normal workshop equipment, and continues with the use of the most modern diagnostic and electronic management tools. References are also made to safety at work and notions of reception: how to approach the customer by developing the ability to dialogue and understand problems.

At the end of the course, students are able to manage a complete inspection, work safely on standard cars and motorcycles and perform complex operations by intervening on the brakes, engine, gearbox and auxiliary parts. MTS also offers the possibility for the first 5 students of the ranking, drawn up at the end of the course, to access the car or moto racing courses without having to pass the selections.

Mechanic course


The Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course has a practical and organized approach, in fact during the course the students are divided into groups and assigned to a teacher to allow to maintain a low ratio between the number of teachers and the number of students.

65% practice

IThe course has a predominantly practical approach to allow students to have a significant experience.

152 hours of course

The course will take place during the weekend from Thursday to Sunday for the duration of 5 weeks.

35% of theory

The course also includes a theoretical part, important for honing personal skills.

Mechanic course


Watch the video to learn more about the contents of the Mechanic Course, the first step towards your new career in Motorsport.

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Who is it for?

It is aimed at all aspiring car and motorcycle mechanics who want to turn their passion into a true profession, relying on qualified personnel and using appropriate tools. This course is preparatory for the participation to the Racing Courses.


The teachers of the mechanical course have an incredible experience in the sector. They worked for car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Honda, Fiat and Gilera, and have a strong predisposition to teaching.

Weekend formula

The lessons of the Mechanic course take place from Thursday to Sunday, thus offering the possibility to participate also to those who work during the week.

Training on the job

During the course, all students participate to practical work sessions following the “Training on The Job” method.

Installment payment

The possibility of paying in installments is one of the services that MTS offers. The entire sum will be deferred in convenient installments.

After the course?

After the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course, the student can participate in the Auto or Moto Racing Courses or undertake the career of mechanic in the standard workshops following a path in collaboration with MTS and the Martesana Training Academy of Gorgonzola.



To participate in the next Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course, just send your application and receive by e-mail:

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  • Practical information

The price of the course is 2,550 euros + VAT and includes teaching by expert teachers, teaching materials, clothing consisting of mechanic’s overalls and shoes, insurance and access to the school’s Reserved Area and all the exclusive contents dedicated to students.



Here are some experiences from the students who attended these mechanics courses, discover their MTS history.

Limited Places


Send your application for the next edition and receive all the information.

The Mechanic Course is in great demand and therefore has limited places: do not miss this opportunity, send your application to become a racing mechanic!

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