Sim Racers are increasingly relying on MTS to increase their performance through training that comes from the real world ranging from data analysis, to mental coaching, to the correct management of hardware and software.

In an increasingly competitive context such as that of E-Sport MTS, thanks to its decades of experience in the training of technicians specialized in Motorsport and with the help of its specialized teachers, provides personalized coaching sessions with the aim of increasing the performance of the Sims Racers.

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The mental coaching programme consists of unlocking the potential of a driver to maximize performance by developing awareness, responsibility and self-confidence.

Balance, adequate driving devices, connection quality, right team, are just some of the many variables that can make the difference, but in the end the athlete’s mind is always the true protagonist of the successes that can be achieved.

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The hardware and software coaching programme will guide you through the complete configuration of your driving cockpit in all it aspects and to equip you with everything that could really allow you to raise your performance towards the goals you set.

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This is not one of the now very popular driving coaching services, but rather a programme aimed both at making you understand what your telemetry traces hide, and at making you progressively independent in the use of the data acquisition software, which is now necessary and unavoidable not only for the real world of Motorsport but also for that of Simracing.

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