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Become an Engineer and specialise in working first-hand on racing car enginesguaranteed job interview at Autotecnica Motori for new engineers

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Racing Engineer Course

The Racing Engineer Course is intended for those who love mechanics and dream of becoming engineers. It provides students with first-hand experience on racing engines, performing the assembly stage and following accurate working methods, which ensure all the mechanical components operate to a professional standard to achieve top performance.

It takes place at the MTS training centre in Lesmo in partnership with Autotecnica Motori, a leading company in the development of racing engines. It is designed to reveal the secrets and techniques of assembling a racing engine thanks to the professionalism of instructors who are experienced engineers and the participation of Autotecnica Motori technicians.

The course lasts 160 hours and is held over weekends, during which topics such as engine timing with the aim of optimising engine performance and other processes typical of a racing engineer will be explored in depth.

Plus, it includes a visit to Autotecnica Motori at its Cremona site to see an engine on the test bench, as well as a visit to Tatuus, a leading manufacturer of racing cars.

At the end of the course, participants will be invited for an interview with Autotecnica Motori with a view to recruiting new engineers: this is in fact a need expressed by the entire racing engine development sector, in which there is a shortage of highly specialised workers.

practical experience
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Highly practical approach to provide students with a real experience.

hours of training

The course will take place over five weekends with classes from Thursday to Sunday.

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It also includes a brief theoretical part, which is key to better understanding the operating principles of a racing engine.

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Find out what awaits you during and after the course

Who is it intended for?

The Racing Engineer Course is a course with limited numbers designed for those who want to know the secrets of working on a racing engine.


The Racing Engineer Course instructors are professionals from the world of racing who work at the highest levels, along with the participation of Autotecnica Motori technicians

Weekend format

The course sessions are held at weekends at the MTS training centre in Lesmo, a state-of-the-art centre with cutting-edge tools.

Field visits

During the course, there are visits to Autotecnica Motori, during which students can attend an engine test, and to Tatuus, a leading manufacturer of racing cars.

Payment in instalments

There is the option to pay for the course in three instalments in order to meet the needs of all students.

After the course?

Each student on the course will have the opportunity to have an interview with Autotecnica Motori who are looking to recruit new technicians, a highly sought-after function in view of the shortage of highly specialised personnel.


Course fees

3600€ + vat

from 177,64 € over 24 months with

*in the event you fail to pass the selection process, you will be refunded 300€ + VAT


€400 + VAT at the time of registration


€1,800 + VAT by 28 July 2023


€1,700 + VAT by 26 September 2023

Course calendar

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*Educational programs are subject to change without notice

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The fee  for the Racing Engineer course is €3,900 + VAT and includes the tuition, teaching materials, educational activities, workshop overalls, shoes and gloves, access to the school’s dedicated website and insurance.

Registration is open and the course will start on 22 September 2022. Only 12 places available.

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