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Mechanics Vasco Ferrante

Become a Mechanic even without any experience: you will learn the best ways to repair cars and motorcycles and then be able to join the other Motorsport courses.

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Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course

The Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course stems from the desire to allow even people who do not have mechanics experience to learn the most up-to-date vehicle repair techniques to then be able to join the courses designed for the world of Motorsport, such as the Motorbike Racing and Motor Racing courses.

The course was designed by MTS with a practical approach
and spirit. It enables you to acquire skills both in the world of cars and in the world of motorbikes, for a complete training package.

A truly innovative training method thanks to cutting-edge machinery and tools: we start by using normal workshop equipment and then the most modern diagnostics and electronic management tools.

There is no lack of references to safety at work, reception basics and how to approach customers with a view to focusing on communication skills and the ability to understand problems.

At the end of the course, students will be able to work safely on series-produced cars and motorbikes and carry out complex operations by working on the brakes, engine, gearbox and auxiliary parts. All students will then have access to the Mechanics Gym, which allows them to keep on practicing and be even better prepared for Racing courses.

Plus, for the top three students at the end of the course, MTS offers the chance to access the Motor or Motorcycle Racing Courses without having to go through the selection process.

practical experience
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The course has a highly practical approach to provide students with a meaningful experience.
hours of training
The course will take place from Friday to Sunday for a duration of 6 weekends.
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The course also includes a theoretical part, which is important for refining personal skills.

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Testimonials from those who have already attended and fulfilled their dream.

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Who is it intended for?

It is aimed at all aspiring motor and motorbike mechanics who want to turn their passion into a real profession by relying on qualified personnel and using the right tools. This course is preparatory to the Racing Courses.


The instructors on the mechanic course have extensive experience in the sector, as they have worked for car manufacturers such as MercedesHondaFiat, Gilera and BMW, as well as having a keen interest in teaching.

Weekend format

The Mechanic course sessions are held from Friday to Sunday, thus also offering the opportunity to those who work during the week to participate.


Thanks to partnerships with sponsors, there are often scholarships available for those who want to pursue their training with MTS by also joining the Racing courses.

Payment in instalments

One of the services provided by MTS is the chance to pay in instalments. The entire sum will be split into convenient instalments.

After the course?

After the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course, students can join the Motor or Motorbike Racing Courses.

Info about the course

Course fees

3500€ + VAT

from 194,88 € for 24 months with

To join you must have the MTS Card, which can be purchased for 69 euro + VAT.


400 euro + VAT at the time of registration
1600 euro + VAT by 29 December 2023
1500 euro + VAT by 28 March 2024

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*Educational programs are subject to change without notice

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The course fee is 3500 euro

 + VAT and includes tuition by expert instructors, teaching materials, clothing consisting of mechanic’s overalls and shoes, insurance and access to the school’s dedicated Website and all exclusive course content.

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The Mechanic CourSe is very popular and therefore has limited places: do not miss this opportunity to become a professional mechanic!

The next course starts on 2 February 2023 and registrations are now open.

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