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Motor Racing Mechanics

Become a Motor Racing Mechanic and work in Formula1 and GT: you’ll learn all the secrets of racing mechanics, with theoretical classes and practical experience on racing cars.

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Motor Racing mechanic course

The Motor Racing Mechanic Course aims to train and specialize racing mechanics with theoretical classes and practical experience on racing cars, both with open and covered wheels.

The course covers both the technical aspects, as well as the methods and practical features of the job of a racing mechanic. The subjects deal with the various mechanical parts in racing cars and the dynamics that improve performance, such as the setup, aerodynamics and electronics.

A non-technical, but very important aspect is the mechanic’s psychological and emotional control of the relationship/rapport with the driver. The practical part will be divided into covered-wheel cars (GT), prototypes and open-wheel cars (Formula).

During the classes, authoritative representatives from the Motorsport world will come to speak and there will be visits to leading companies in the sector. To ensure more comprehensive training, the courses are held in classrooms, in the pits and on the circuit with high-level equipment and materials, within the MTS site in Lesmo and at the Monza Racetrack. 

Nell’ambito del corso è prevista una giornata in pista con la F4, dove gli studenti possono lavorare a contatto diretto con il pilota, il telemetrista e l’ingegnere di pista, in modo tale da simulare il più possibile il lavoro di un team. As part of the course, there is a day on the track with the F4, where students can work in direct contact with drivers, telemetry analysts and track engineers to simulate, as much as possible, working with a team.
practical experience
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The course has a highly practical approach in order to provide students with a meaningful experience.

hours of training

The course runs at the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, over a period of 8 weeks from December to March.

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The course also includes a theoretical part, which is important for refining personal skills.

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Who is it intended for?

The course has a limited number of places and is aimed at: secondary school students interested in mechanics, mechanics who want to get into the world of racing, teams who decide to invest in training for their personnel and, of course, enthusiasts!


The course instructors have a great deal of experience in motorsport, particularly in Formula One, F3000 and GT. Their main duties range from engine assembly to machine and team management.

Weekend format

The Motor Racing Mechanic Course is held at weekends, thus allowing those who work during the week to participate.

On-the-job training

The course involves on-the-job training with international teams to gain direct experience in the field, with the aim of providing professionals with first-class training to meet the needs of the racing market (guaranteed for the top 5 students).

Payment in instalments

One of the services provided by MTS is the chance to pay in instalments. The entire sum will be split into convenient instalments.

After the course?

After the course, students will have the opportunity to experience a season of on-the-job training with major national and international racing teams (guaranteed for the top 5 students); 80% of the students who have taken part in MTS courses have gained Motorsport experience.


Course fees

5300€ + vat

from 214,83 € over 24 months with

from 293,17 € over 24 months with 

*in the event you fail to pass the selection process, you will be refunded €300 + VAT.

€300 + vat at the time of registration
€1200 + vat within 15 days of passing Step 1 selection
€1700 + vat within 5 days of passing Step 2 selection
€1100 + vat by 15 December 2023
€1000 + vat by 15 February 2024

Course calendar

Registrations open from:​

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*Educational programs are subject to change without notice

Join the next course

To join the next Motor Racing Mechanic Course all candidates must take part in a selection test running from 10 October 2022 at the MTS site in Lesmo and structured as follows:

  • Written test with open and closed questions on mechanics
  • Practical test
  • Oral exam with the instructors

Registration is open up to the end of September 2022, but may close earlier if the maximum number of places available is reached. To take part in the selection test, just send your details and you’ll receive an email with a link to the registration form and advice on how best to prepare for the selection process.

The course fee is €5300 + VAT and includes tuition by expert instructors, teaching materials, clothing consisting of mechanic’s overalls and shoes, insurance and access to the school’s dedicated website and all the exclusive course content.

Submit your application for the next course and get all the info. The Motor Racing Mechanic Course is very popular, which is why it has a limited number of places: don’t miss this opportunity send your application now to get into Motorsport!

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