The best school in Europe for mechanics and racing engineers: this is MTS – Motorsport Technical School, the brainchild of Eugenia Capanna, driver and Motorsport Team Manager.

The Motorsport Technical School: the idea that looks to the future

MTS seeks to meet racing teams’ need for highly specialised professionals.

The school aims to provide first-class training that meets the demands of the racing market.

The school has training centres in Lesmo and at the Monza Racetrack, a temple to Formula 1 and speed.

Our students go from young enthusiasts to real professionals working in Motorsport at the end of their training course: around 8 out of 10 trainees manage to find a job in Motorsport.

The success of the training programme is proven by the interest and appreciation shown by the Teams and companies whose training contributions add more and more value to the school.

Thanks to them, students are able to experience near-real racing conditions and acquire more and more advanced technical skills. 

During the sessions, which take place in the classrooms at the Lesmo training centre and in the pits of the Monza Racetrackauthoritative Motorsport professionals come to speak and there are visits to leading companies in the sector.

Our partnerships

There are many leading companies in Motorsport that increasingly believe in the importance of investing in training. Indeed, they support the MTS Motorsport Technical School with educational visits or scholarships awarded to the most deserving students or those with limited economic resources.

The Motorsport Technical School also works directly with official automotive companies such as Yamaha Factory RacingDucati Corse and McLaren, as well as with Sparco and Usag. There is no shortage of partnerships with companies representing Italian excellence such as Brembo Racing and Pirelli Motorsport.

Who are our students?

The school caters to both students who are passionate about Motorsport and teams who decide to invest in training their staff.

All the courses and master’s degrees offered by the Motorsport Technical School cover the technical aspects and methodologies of technical professions in the Motorsport world, such as that of track engineers and racing mechanics.

The subjects concern the various mechanical parts of racing cars and bikes, as well as aspects that improve performance such as the setup, aerodynamics and electronics.

For those who want to take their first steps in the Motorsport world, along with the Motor Racing Mechanic and Motorbike Racing Mechanic courses, MTS offers enthusiasts the Vasco Ferrante Mechanic Course, which provides the core skills needed to be able to tackle the further training stages offered by the school.

This is a course that starts from the very basics of mechanics for those with no vehicle repair experience and provides theoretical and practical training on both cars and motorbikes.

MTS also offers training for those who want to become Track Engineers through the Racing Car Engineer Master’s and the Racing Bike Engineer Master’s or the Telemetry Analyst Course. Lastly, there are the specialist courses for Engineers and Racing engineers.