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About us

The Motorsport Technical School (MTS) is an institution dedicated to training young aspiring engineers in the field of motorsports.

It was founded in 2011 by Eugenia Capanna, a seasoned racing driver, and former team manager, with the recognition of the need for specialized mechanics and race engineers in the industry.

The school offers a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in areas such as vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, and powertrain design.

MTS is supported by leading companies in the motorsports industry that are committed to providing their expertise and real-world experience to students through internships, apprenticeships, and other learning opportunities.

The school aims to prepare the next generation of motorsports professionals for the dynamic and challenging field.

The MTS Method

MTS stands out for its professional approach to education. One of the key differentiators of MTS is its commitment to providing students with real-world experience through internships, apprenticeships, and other learning opportunities.

The school aims to prepare young engineers for the dynamic and challenging field of motorsports and provides a means for motorsport teams to invest in the training of their staff. This results in well-prepared and skilled engineers who are ready to join the industry and make a meaningful impact.


Continuous Improvement

MTS continuously improves its training method which is strongly practical-oriented and unique. It offers 65% practical experience and 35% theoretical understanding to give students real work experience.


Learn from Professionals

MTS’s teachers are experienced professionals from the motorsport world, allowing students to learn the secrets of motorsports. The school also invites professionals from leading motorsport companies to bring their expertise to the classes.


High-Level Equipment

Students at MTS use top-level equipment to repair real competition vehicles in their courses.


On-the-Job Training

The best students are given the opportunity for on-the-job training with teams to further enhance their technical skills. MTS has collaborated with over a hundred teams in national and international championships


The Temple of Speed: MTS's Training Grounds

The Motorsport Technical School, being located inside the Monza’s Formula 1 Track offers a unique training experience in one of the world’s most iconic racetracks, the Monza Autodrome.

As one of the oldest and fastest autodromes in the world, It is renowned for hosting the Italian Grand Prix, organized by the Automobile Club of Milan, which has been a staple in the Formula 1 calendar since 1922.

The circuit has also been the host of the Superbike World Championship Grand Prix until 2013.

The Monza circuit provides the ideal setting for students to immerse themselves in the world of motorsports.


Cutting-Edge Training Venue

MTS continues its commitment to continuous improvement by unveiling a new training facility featuring the latest in cutting-edge machinery and technology. Aspiring mechanics and engineers will benefit from the extensive training experience.

Mechanics Gymnasium

The new Lesmo training site will include the Mechanics Gymnasium, a unique training activity designed by MTS that provides students the opportunity to practice and refine their skills using the latest equipment and vehicles. The Mechanics Gymnasium is a state-of-the-art workshop where students can work on cars and motorcycles, with reserved access only for MTS students who can book their training sessions through a dedicated portal.

People Behind MTS

The MTS initiative emerged from the foresight of Eugenia Capanna, a former Team Manager who possessed a comprehensive understanding of the motorsport system. Eugenia, who was once a competitive Formula Track Driver, conceived the idea of creating a space where knowledge pertaining to motorsports could be imparted to engineers with a passion for the field.
Her vision was supported by Claudio Papello and Ivano Barletta, both of whom served as race engineers for prominent drivers such as Barrichello and Schumacher during their tenure at Ferrari F1.

The collective expertise and experience of these industry leaders, combined with their shared principles of knowledge and professional ethics, have established MTS as a premier institution for engineers seeking to cultivate and expand their skills in the motorsport industry.


There are many leading companies in the world of Motorsports that believe more and more in the importance of investing in training.

In fact, they support MTS with educational interventions or with scholarships to be awarded to the most deserving students or those with limited economic possibilities.


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Where to find us

The MTS courses are held at the new  MTS site in Lesmo and in the classrooms and pits at Monza Racetrack, using the same spaces that host motor races and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

By appointment only.

To access the racetrack and reach MTS, use the Vedano al Lambro entrance at Via di Vedano, 5 20900 Monza (MB).

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