A summer edition of the 136 hours course that will cover the basics for a car mechanics.

The course is intended for aspiring car mechanics focusing on the fundamentals, both theoretical and practical, in order to prepare them for MTS’ racing courses.

The course objective is to train professional figures for road cars workshops and give them the required training for accessing MTS Racing Cars Mechanics Professional courses. Lessons will be mainly focused on practice, giving students all the tools needed to do car inspections (servicing) and disassemble of mechanical parts such as transmissions and engines. Great attention will be given to electronics.

The course will take place in Vignate. You can get to Vignate by taking Milano’s east bypass (Linate exit or Segrate exit) or Vignate external bypass (Vignate exit). Vignate also has a train station. The workshop is located near the Acquario centre.

17th July – 4th August
9:00 – 18:00 (1h break).

Price is 2400,00€ + VAT.

To enroll, download the form: click here

Once filled the form, send it at