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New Edition

240 hours professional training for race track engineers.

The course is intended for motorsport enthusiasts and will takes place over a number of weekends from November to March at Monza ENI Circuit.

At the end of the course the three best students will be offered on-the-job training by leading national and international racing teams.ri.
The course will be taught in English. All tutors are highly trained professionals.

The Race Engineer’s critical role is to get the best performance out of the driver, the racing vehicle and the technical team. This ground-braking course has been developed by MTS and top motorsport professionals to build on the participants’ existing experience, knowledge and skills and prepare them for this demanding and exciting job.

MTS Race Engineering Course Key Features

  • Intensive mix of theory, theory application, practical hands-on work and track simulations and exercises.
  • Includes participation of leading motorsport guest lecturers and visits to the most representative motorsport establishments.
  • At the end of the course, the three best students will be offered on-the-job training by leading national and international racing teams.
  • Taught in English.


  • Becoming a race engineer
  • The role of the race engineer
  • Racing tyre management
  • Vehicle axis system
  • Racecar chassis design & evolution
  • Steering geometry
  • Engine installation and cooling
  • Suspension geometry and terminology
  • Springs, damping, packers and bump stops
  • The racing damper: adjustment and maintenance
  • Racecar aerodynamics
  • Suspension rig testing and Dyno testing theory
  • Race vehicle dynamics (lap sim)
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Race rules and regulations
  • Rally racing
  • Trackside documentation
  • Simulated trackside engineering
  • Track walk and trackside racecar management
  • Driver debrief map (Monza driving note)
  • Engineering race preparation
  • Electric and hybrid race engineering
  • Two-wheel race engineering: the MotoGP racing bike
  • HIL simulation: the engineer’s new tool



  • PIRELLI F1 – Racing tyre design and manufacture
  • BREMBO Racing F1 – Racing brakes and braking systems
  • HP COMPOSITE – Composite material in Motorsport TBC
  • Y COM – Chassis design technology  and driver aids
  • X-TRAC – Motorsport transmission and gearbox technology
  • McLaren F1 – Need we say more?


  • Workspace, tools and common garage facilities
  • Racecar set-up



The programme might be subjected to changes

• Location: Monza ENI Circuit
• Duration: 240 hours over 12 weekends.

Study Method
• Classroom seminars and lectures.
• Practical workshop and track activities.

As described from one of our tutors:

“This exciting Race Engineering Course has been developed by MTS and a carefully selected group of high level motorsport professionals to prepare suitable individuals for a range of technical careers in modern motorsport industry and is primarily aimed at potential Race Engineers. The course will be conducted mainly in English language. Ideally you will already be working in an automotive related field and will desire to build on your existing experience, knowledge and skills in order to progress into a motorsport environment.

The course will run on weekend each week from the beginning of November through to the end of March in a motorsport environment surrounded and guided by some of the most influential people within the sport. Teaching and learning methods will include seminars, lectures, practical work and visits to various suppliers to the motorsport industry. All modules taken in the first year have an element of continuous assessment of course work.”


In order to access the course, all candidates must take an admission test scheduled for October, comprising:

  • A written test with both open-ended and multiple-choice questions
  • An interview with the tutors

Price: 4600,00 euro + VAT.

To enroll in the course, please download the application form here

Once completed, please submit it by e-mail to:

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