The course is aimed at professionals who want to specialize in the restoration of vintage racing cars and acquire the technical knowledge to face all the problems related to its maintenance.

The course is the only one to offer the chance to restore, assemble and test racing cars like Formula 3 Ralt RT3, Formula 3 March and the “legendary” Alfa Romeo TZ2.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ (also known as the Alfa Romeo TZ or Tubolare Zagato) was a racing car produced by Alfa Romeo from 1963 to 1965.

The launch of his heir, the “TZ2”, took place at the Turin Motor Show at the end of 1964 and reached the full racing success between 1965 and 1966. Tweaks were made in order to lower and lighten the car. The final weight was 620 kg thanks to its fiberglass body which was also aerodynamically revised in order to lower the CX coefficient.

Built only as a racing version, it fitted a 170 bhp engine (127 kW) at 7600 rpm equipped with twin spark ignition (Twin Spark), increased valves and dry sump lubrication. The car reached a top speed of 245 km/h.

Only 9 “TZ2” were built: chassis # 104 (prototype), 106, 110, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116 and 117.


– Historical and cultural value of the vintage car
– Restoration procedures planning
– research and documentation
– body restoration with the intervention of a specialist
– sandblasting and various treatments
– welding
– painting
– engine overhaul
– accessories refurbishment
– power and ignition
– gearbox and differential review
– tank and petrol system refurbishment
– electrical system restoration
– analysis of the details for a faithful assembly to the original
– ASI registration forms


The course will have a duration of 160h. Date TBA.

Price: € 2900.00 + VAT.

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