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Professional training for car mechanics, that, lasts 176 hours divided into several weekends.

MTS is the first technical training school in the world of racing cars and motorcycles.

The course’s pourpose is to train highly skilled racing car mechanics with theoretical lessons and pratice on both open- and close-wheel cars.

The students, ended the educational part, can attend a Training on the job with national and international team to practice on what they learned.

About a 80% of our students, after the course, starts working in motorsport world.

The lessons focus on both the techincal aspects and working procedure of a racing mechanic. they examine the mechanical components of racing cars and study how to improve thei performance, including set-up, aerodynamics, telemetry, etc.

Another topic will be mechanic/driver from a psychological point of view.

School cars, both open- and closed- wheel, will progress month-on-month following their technical evolution.

Lessons will also see the participation of authoritative motosport personalities and include visits to leading companies in the industry.

In order to guarantee the maximum level of training, lessons will take place in the classroom, workshop and circuit, with top-end professional equipment and materials.

Within the course there are four days on the track with the Formula Abarth School, where students can work with pilots and track engineer.

You can sign up till 31 October. The selections take place approximately from 5 to 9 November (Dates to be confirmed).

Places are limited, hurry up!


Course addresses

The number of partecipants is limited and it is aimed at: high school students with mechanical address, mechanicals who want to approach racing world, tems who want to invest in training for staff and, obviously, motoring enthusiasts.


Tuttors have a very important experience in Motorsport flied, expecially in Formula 1, F300 and Gran Turismo. Their mains tasks pass are from the engine assembly to the machine and team management.

Weekend solution

Lessons take place during weekends, offering the possibility to partecipate also to those who work during the week.

Training on the job

At the end of the course will be offered a "Training on the job" by leading national and international racing teams, to learn directly from the best mechanics, with the intent of generating excellence to meet the demand of the competitive market (guaranteed for 5 best students)

Installments Payment

The possibility of paying in installements is one of the services offered by MTS. The entire cost can be deferred in convenient installments.

How to partecipate in the selections

In order to access the course all candidates must take an admission test, held from 5 to 9 November at Monza Circuit, comprising:

  • a written test with bot open-ended questions on basic mechanics
  • a practical test
  • an interview with the tutors

Price: 4100.00+VAT

The price includes teaching, school activities, external visits, clothing and insurance.



What students say

Here are some testimonials from students who attended this course, check out their MTS story
Nicolas Basso
Theoretical and practical lessons passed quickly and, at the end of the day, I was still excited. The end of the course included a written exam and pit-stop practice; I remember that we became a particularly close-knit group. It was a wonderful experience from all points of view. The last day was also, for some of us, full of bitterness: we had finished our juorney and had to leave us, it wasn't easy.
Matteo Castignani
MTS is a family with ecletic characters, a complete team. There's Eugenia, probebly the only Director of a school that cares so much about students, Eleonora that helped us as member of a family, Luca Gatti and Peo Consonni, two milestone of Italian motoring. Any doubt, of any topic, they answred us, they are like the grandparents of the school
Arianna Creati
I remember the weekends at Monza Racetrack, lessons, rehearsals, laugh between a brake pads change and a dissembly of a gerabox: every day was a new discovery, a new challenge for me and opportunity to learn. I found a second family between staff, tutors and friends, with the same passion. Afamily which let me freely express ma passion for motorsport, which helped when I needed and always encouraged me, with a huge amount of knowledge and always an anecdote ready.

Send your application and receive all the infos of the course

The racing car mechanics course is in great demand and therefore is limited: do not miss the opportunity and send your application to enter Motorsport World!

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