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Italy has now its own school for racing mechanics: MTS – Motorsport Technical School. MTS is the brainchild of Eugenia Capanna, former racing driver and team manager.

The idea was born from her many years of motorsport experience  and the racing teams’all-time need for highly specialised and trained mechanics.

MTS is the first and only technical school for advanced motorsport vocational training.

The school’s on-the-job training aims to provide the skilling excellence that is required by the motorsport industry.

Lessons take place in classrooms and boxes at Monza ENI Circuit and will also see the participation of authoritative leading motorsport personalities. Visits to the most representative companies in the industry are also scheduled.

At the end of the course students will take part as trainees in the racing season of a on-the-job training season by major international internationally renowned racing teams.

Many representative leading companies in motorsport companies support our school with special lessons. Our partners, who increasingly believe in the importance of formal training, offer a number of merit scholarships and financial support grants.

The school is aimed atintended both for young motorsport enthusiasts and racing teams investing in the professional formation of their own staff professional formation.

MTS' top courses are: Racing Car Mechanics and Racing Bike Mechanics.

The lessons focus on both the technical aspects and working procedures of a racing mechanic. They examine the mechanical components of racing cars and motorbikes and study how to improve their performance, including set-up, aerodynamics, electronics, etc.

For beginners, MTS offers a Basic Mechanics course where highly qualified tutors – with the additional support of leading motorsport companies – provide the foundations in order to learn the required knowledge and to take on the school’s advanced courses.
MTS Also offer a course for those who want to become a Racing Engineer: the Race Track Engineering course: the Race Track Engineering course.

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